Saturday, October 15, 2011

Krali Marko

Krali Marko

Krali Marko

Krali Marko is a high quality beer with golden yellow colour, with pleasant bitterness and pure taste produced of 11% beer malt with a content of 4,5 % vol. alcohol.

Krali Marko is product by Prilepska Pivarnica. Produced from the basic raw materials: Water, malt, hops, and beer yeast.

It is bottled in:
- Glass bottles of 0,5 l. Packed: 1/20 in a crate;
- Krali Marko Plastic (PET) bottles of 1, 5l. Packed: 1/6 in a thermo folium;

Krali Marko is manufactured since the distant 1924 year, utilizing an original macedonian formula with distinguised taste, hence is part of our heroic tradition for over 85 years. Even with the first drop, true heroes will recognize the taste of their own drink!. Taste the Krali Marko beer, from now in completely new look and traditonally good flavour! Toast, and continue the heroic saga!

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